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  • e++, for Flute, Bb Clarinet, and Max/MSP, was commissioned by Esther Lamneck and Elizabeth McNutt for their Tornado Project. My goal in this piece was to take advantage not only of their musical virtuosity, but also of their colorful personalities and remarkable stage presence. Having seen them perform together in the past, I was struck by the unusual way they chose to arrange themselves in concert, standing well apart and facing each other from opposite sides of the stage. I decided to exploit this arrangement, not only in terms of emphasizing (and playing with) the inherent stereo separation of the flute and clarinet in this arrangement, but also in terms of the musical material. Specifically, I looked for opportunities to let the two of them interact with and play off each other, as well as with the computer. I also made sure that there was a section where these two highly innovative performers could improvise using extended techniques, making sounds on their instruments that very few others can make.