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  • Full Circle, for Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon, and Piano, was composed in the summer of 2013. It was written for the members of Texas Qua-Tro (Rebecca Henderson (Oboe), Nathan Williams (Clarinet), Kristin Jensen (Bassoon), and Colette Valentine (Piano)), who are my colleagues on the faculty of the University of Texas Butler School of Music. I wrote the music specifically for these wonderful musicians, but this piece is also an homage to my beloved Italian Greyhound, Giovanni, who died at age 15, about a month before I started the composition. It is in four movements, named Bursting Forth, Looking Back, In the Moment, and All the Above, each of which (hopefully) captures something of Giovanni’s personality – his excitement when we were about to go out for a walk, how he would dash from place to place when off leash, flying over the ground like only a greyhound can, or the way he would strut along proudly and alertly when heeling beside me. The second movement is an elegy, the third is a celebration, and the fourth is a little bit of everything, with some obvious connections to the first movement, coming full circle. RP

  • Included on Ravello RR7921 Russell Pinkston: Balancing Acts.