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  • Gobo was written for Rebecca Henderson. I think of the oboe as the ultimate lyrical instrument, yet it is also quite agile and capable of remarkable virtuosity. Moreover, its sound can have an edgy, incisive quality that can even be a little raunchy at times. In this piece, I wanted to give the oboe ample opportunity to do what it is best known for – playing long, lyrical melodic lines, but I also wanted to give it a few chances to show a different, funkier and flashier side of its personality. For the electroacoustic part, I began with some fairly grating source material and tried to mold it into something a little more beautiful by the end. If there was a story behind this piece (and there really isn’t), it would be something like the Beauty and the Beast. The oboe, initially lamenting the coarse and brutish state of the sound world, eventually inspires it to change into something more socially acceptable. 
  • Included on the CD Music from SEAMUS volume 17. Also on the Longhorn Music CD Gobo: Commissions and Premiers by Rebecca Henderson.