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Music for Margo’s World

  • Music for Margo’s World was written in the summer and fall of 1992. The work involved a three-way collaboration between me, Yacov Sharir, and the sculptor Margo Sawyer, which explains the title. I worked very closely with Sharir on this piece, composing the music at the same time that he was developing his choreography, and frequently attending his rehearsals. There are some sections where the music came first, others where the movement came first. Many of the sounds used in the musical composition were derived from recordings I made at Enchanted Rock, an enormous pink granite boulder located about an hour’s drive from Austin, Texas.  I recorded the sounds of gravel crunching under foot or cascading between rocks, boulders clunking and scraping against each other, a small boulder being dragged over a larger one, and so forth.  I then made extensive use of time scaling, pitch shifting, and other signal processing techniques to transform the sounds in various ways.
  • Included on Centaur CRC 2764 CDCM Computer Music Series, Volume 34. Russell Pinkston: Four Electroacoustic Dance Suites.